G’day, Dobe Newton here.

Welcome to the first post for Americana 2012 – Nashville, 12th – 15th September.

The Americana Music Association has just announced that Artist submissions for their official showcase program are open and will run until 31st March.  You can submit through Sonicbids for free if you’re a member, directly through the AMA if you’re a member ($35 a year for artists), or through me if you want to be part of the Sounds Australia extra showcase shows and take advantage of our award-winning Nashville PR company Aristomedia.

If you’re wondering whether it’s the right event for you, I’ve loaded a copy of my 2011 report which will give you the full story, plus some images in a slideshow movie.

THE Americana Report 2011

Happy to talk at any time of course – adobe2@tpg.com.au

Also thought you might find a ‘General Info Sheet’ handy so here ya go –

Americana Info Sheet_1