You know the saying about ‘biting off more than you can chew’?  Maybe, I’ve done it in planning a farewell musical extravaganza that’ll go from 12 noon ’til 10pm!  Wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to compere as well.  Not anticipating having much left in the tank!  Good thing I’m young and fit ….

Millie Millgate – Sounds Australia boss, and I had talked about adding the Stagemothers Aussie BBQ to the Americana program, as it’s become a regular feature at other Sounds Australia events – SxSW, CMJ, Liverpool Sound City etc.

One of the keys of course, is yer actual BBQ, and I was lucky enough in my first year to be introduced (by Tom of course) to Jeff Persson, then President of the Nashville Kangaroos Aussie Rules Football team.  Perfect!  Seemed like an ideal partnership – they run the BBQ and in return all the funds raised from sales and the (inevitable) raffles go to help them pay their expenses – equipment, interstate travel etc – as they’re strictly amateurs.  This year they’re on a high with a 12-2 record, the minor premiership sealed, and heading into the regional finals as the No. 1 ranked team.  Go Roos!

First – and most importantly, it’s fine!  Whew!

Jeff and Eliot (President) have been hitting the membership list, and from varied conversations, I get the impression that more people are aware of the event – it’s in the Americana program and Gig Guide, and are intending to get out there.

With 24 artist on board, it’s going to go into the night.  Not ideal, but important to give everyone who’s made the journey as many performing opportunities as possible.  It’s too many, but there was almost a zero drop-out rate from original enquiries.  A testament to the regard in which the event is now held, but a bit of a programming nightmare.  Something to seriously think about for next year.

I’ve got yellow tail wine, Tamworth caps and trinkets, two Akubra ‘Lawson’ hats, a Drizabone Aussie riding coat and a whole bunch of CDs from the participating artists to give away as prizes.  Raffle mania!  AND I’ve remembered the tickets.








What a Day!!!

Started at 12.30 finished at 9.50pm – and we’re 3 minutes over time!  These artists are legends!  A huge thanks to them all for helping the Roo boys.  The crowd was great at peak time and the reception wonderful all day.  Special thanks to Jed Hilly and Jeff Walker for making time to attend.  Jed – especially, must be completely knackered.  A big personal thanks from me!

And special thanks to Mike Grimes from the Basement for hosting the event – AND Zac who staffed the bar – and last, but by no means least – Andy the sound man.  Bloody legend!

So, with only Andrew and Kelly to ‘deliver’ for the TenTen Music songwriting session, that’s the ‘official’ end.  Everyone has said lovely thinks about Sounds Australia and my efforts.  Lovely to hear from such a generous and professional bunch.

Huge thank to our sponsors!

Tom and I are off for a quiet meal and then to bed!